The Building Brighter Futures Fund

How it Got Started:
“Children with autism grow up to be adults with autism.” This message from Autism Ontario’s advocacy efforts has been central to our strategic directions in working with families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder across the lifespan. Media focus tends to be on young children with autism, while people with ASD live out most of their lives during their adult years. Yet these years have had the least public or private attention or funding while the numbers of these unsupported adults continues to grow.
Autism Ontario was approached by informed and thoughtful supporters about providing concrete ways to specifically support adults on the autism spectrum. Their personal commitment and generous donation helped us realize a long held dream to create a fund that would open doors for adults with ASD across Ontario. In 2012 Autism Ontario was pleased to announce the Building Brighter Futures Fund
The Purpose of the BBFF:
To provide financial assistance directly to Ontario adults with ASD or their families through a reimbursement of funds spent to open doors for greater participation in local communities.
  • Program fees for recreation or skill development, respite, professional supports, tuition, or other creative solutions connected to building life plans for the adult with ASD will be considered for subsidy.
  • Preference will be given to households supported by sole parents/caregivers or where under-employment or financial hardship is a factor.
  • A family or individual may receive this subsidy only once, and may utilize it at a time within the calendar year that is most relevant for them, submitting receipts afterward for reimbursement, once their application has been approved.

Appilication Submission deadline is September 1, 2016

Here’s what you need to do to apply:
 Answer the 3 step online application 
 Include a formal diagnosis by a psychologist or psychiatrist (in pdf format)
Please note this fund is able to serve 50 adults on the spectrum in 2016.